Working Long Hours? 5 Ways to Survive

March 17, 2022
long hours

Work-life balance is crucial to prevent burnout over the long term, but there are often peak busy times in which working long hours is necessary and expected. Check out these five ways to survive and maintain your productivity and wellbeing when you’re working long hours: 1. Make Your Time Count Working long hours is already […]


Top Soft Skills to List on Your Accounting Resume

March 10, 2022
accounting soft skills

Describing your accounting skills on your resume is pretty straightforward, but these technical qualifications (also known as hard skills) shouldn’t be the only focus. Your hard skills are the prerequisite for consideration, while your soft (i.e. behavioral and/or interpersonal) skills are what sets you apart.   Learn more about the top soft skills to list on […]


Feeling Stressed? How to Improve Your Mental Health at Work

February 24, 2022

The ability to cope with stress in the workplace is a key skill, not just for your professional performance, but also for your overall well-being. Chronic stress that goes unchecked can put your health at risk, from negatively affecting your immune system to exacerbating depression and anxiety, leading to a vicious cycle that creates more […]


Winning the War For Talent

February 17, 2022

The competition is on for employers trying to recruit and retain top talent. In a job market that is highly favorable to workers, it is crucial to be intentional in your efforts throughout every stage of the talent acquisition process. Learn more about strategies for winning the war for talent: Act with Clarity You cannot […]


6 Ways to Master Your Assistant Controller Interview

February 10, 2022

Landing an assistant controller role is a crucial step in your finance career path and can help you gain the experience needed to eventually work in senior level roles. As the support system for a company’s controller, assistant controller candidates must demonstrate to hiring managers their aptitude for accounting-related responsibilities, along with the soft skills […]