Professional Social Media Best Practices

April 28, 2022
social media

Hiring managers will typically utilize every channel possible to learn about candidates so they can feel confident they are making the right decisions. Social media can provide valuable insight into a candidate’s personal and professional strengths and skills, as well as potentially uncover any red flags. If you are job searching, it is essential to […]


Improve Your Company Culture to Attract and Retain Employees

April 21, 2022
corporate culture

When top talent is deciding which employers to pursue, a major factor they take into consideration is company culture. Being proactive and intentional about cultivating a positive company culture will pay off by enhancing your employer brand to prospective candidates, as well as boosting morale and engagement in your workplace. Learn more about how to […]


Communication Basics: Email Templates During Your Job Search

April 14, 2022
email templates

The first impression you make on a recruiter or hiring manager generally occurs prior to meeting face-to-face. How you communicate via email can make you stand out from other candidates and convey your communication skills and level of professionalism. Follow best communications practices by using these email templates during your job search:  Reaching Out to […]


In a Work Rut? 6 Tips to Get Out of It

April 7, 2022
work rut

The fresh feelings of passion and excitement at the start of your career or a new job in general will understandably fade a bit as your circumstances become part of your routine. However, if you constantly feel bored or even dread going to work, there are steps you can take to improve your job satisfaction. […]


4 Tips to Effectively Negotiate a Job Offer

March 31, 2022
negotiate job offer

It is exciting when the job search process pays off and you receive an offer. However, this is also a critical period – if you accept an offer that doesn’t meet your needs and don’t negotiate, you could hold yourself back from fully realizing your earning power.  Maintain a positive relationship with your potential employer, […]