Best Practices For Engaging Remote or Hybrid Teams

As remote or hybrid working models increasingly become the norm, leaders need to adjust their strategies to overcome a challenge that comes with not having face-to-face interaction: engagement. Unlike the fully in-person work environment, opportunities for organic relationship building are unlikely to occur in remote or hybrid teams without strategically taking action to make it happen.  Check out these best practices for engaging remote or hybrid teams: 

Maintain Regular Check-In Meetings 

Have a standing regular weekly check-in meeting with each of your employees. Don’t have it strictly be progress updates, but rather a chance to see how they are doing, if they have questions or concerns, or need anything at all from you. They don’t have to be long or have a set agenda, but maintaining consistency can ensure they feel like you care about their work and want to stay connected.  

Establish Communication Protocol 

It is difficult for your remote or hybrid team to work effectively and stay engaged if communication isn’t simple or effective. With so many possible platforms and tools, it is necessary to establish communication protocol so everyone knows the best way to reach out. For example, you may use a project management software for collaboration and progress updates, instant messaging for quick questions, and save phone calls for urgent matters.  

Request and Act on Feedback 

A drop in engagement often is the result of employees feeling like their voices aren’t being heard or taken into consideration. Demonstrate your commitment to your team by requesting (and most importantly – taking action on) their feedback. Whether it’s during one-on-one or team meetings, or an online form, make it a point to ask your team how they are doing, if they have any issues affecting their ability to perform their jobs, or if they have ideas they want to share.  

Acknowledge Hard Work and Achievements 

It can be demoralizing if employees feel like their effort is not noticed or valued – particularly so for remote and hybrid workplaces when their work is not quite as visible. Prioritize acknowledging your team’s hard work and achievements as often as possible. A simple “Thank you” is generally the most effective way to make an employee feel recognized and appreciated.  

Facilitate Casual Interaction 

A positive workplace culture where everyone feels like part of a team generally occurs as a result of spontaneous, relaxed conversations not related to work (i.e., the quintessential office water cooler conversations). Facilitate casual interaction with your remote or hybrid team so they can get to know one another and form connections. For example, you can start a group chat or Slack channel that is about fun, personal topics not related to work or open every meeting with time for socializing.  

Attract Top Talent 

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