IFG was able to articulate in a professional manner the difference between their firm and others; better assignments, higher rates of pay, and a true feeling of being part of the team and not just a number.
Tax Consultant
The people at IFG were proactive and supportive when I most recently changed jobs. They provided multiple great opportunities for my consideration and helped me navigate my options to make the best decision for me personally. IFG has continued to keep in touch and is a beneficial networking partner. I would absolutely work with the IFG team again in the future.
Manager, Global Analytics
IFG certainly can be considered an expert in the area of recruiting for finance/accounting. The firm was able to help find me a job at a company that was a good fit for me and one that was moving in the right direction. They were very respectful of my current employment situation and showed they wanted to help me in any way possible. They were available to discuss my questions at all points during the process and did a great job of getting me up to speed before I started at my new job.
Project Manager
IFG will go out of their way to assist you and help you in your career. I was out of work and lacked the confidence I needed. IFG provided me with a revised resume and I started getting calls from several big-named companies. IFG is very friendly and a great firm to do business with. I recommend IFG for any Business/Accounting professional seeking work.
Public Accountant
In a span of four hours IFG was able to contact and strike a deal between my future permanent employer, my potential contracting client, and me as to when I would work for each of them. IFG made sure my chances with my future permanent employer were not damaged, that the potential contract client obtained the days of service needed, and that I was utilizing my time optimally.
Senior Business Analyst
Thank you for the outstanding service that you and IFG provided to me. During our partnership, you explained exactly how things would proceed from the interview, selection process, and decision timing. You also provided timely feedback as promised and addressed issues directly. Your guidance was invaluable and the relationship that you had with the client was clearly well established. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the support, communication, and overall management of my candidacy from start to acceptance. I would highly recommend IFG to any level of candidate as a search partner!
Manager, Financial Analysis
IFG is one of the best professional recruiting firms that I have known so far. They really listen to your interests, experience, skill sets and get you the job that best fits your interest and skill sets. IFG provides a lot of useful information that helps during the job-search. IFG provided immediate feedback and keeps you posted about the job search at all times. I would highly recommend IFG to anyone looking for opportunity in accounting or finance.
Internal Auditor