As a large North American based organization, IFG recognizes the importance of having a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences represented, not only throughout our team, but also to our suppliers and clients. This includes people of different ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, physical abilities, religions, ages, educational backgrounds, social classes and veterans. At IFG, we appreciate the diversity of the cities and countries in which we live and do business in and are committed to reflecting that in our workforce and hiring practices. This has allowed us to create and stay committed to a diverse and inclusive environment, where all employees feel welcome and are comfortable being themselves at work. Our vision is to create a dynamic and diverse workforce where everyone is able to embrace what makes them unique.

In practice, we promote this vision through ensuring our employees and candidates are valued and respected and that professional merit is the basis for their selection for opportunities, training and promotion. Our employees and candidates are assessed objectively on their skills, qualifications and experience. At IFG we are determined to demonstrate these practices through leadership in diversity and inclusion within the recruitment industry and to work closely with our clients to ensure we source and recruit from a truly diverse talent pool, reflective of the cities in which we operate.

In our own offices, we are continually developing new practices to ensure we are sustaining an inclusive work environment. Diversity and inclusion practices are built into our internal recruitment behaviours. This includes working with our internal recruitment department to ensure emphasis is placed on ensuring a wide representation of candidates from racial and ethnic minorities. In addition, IFG has built diversity and inclusion content into all of our training programs ensuring new hires, managers, directors and partners all understand the importance and role diversity plays in ensuring our firms success.