How to Take a Gap Year Without Hurting Your Career

April 3, 2020

Sometimes you need to take a break and reassess your life. An increasing number of young professionals, early in their career, are considering a gap year in which they travel instead of logging 40+ hours per week in an office.  Older generations might consider this a waste of time and talent and look at this […]


The Truth About Job Hopping

March 12, 2020

It used to be people obtained a job after university or high school, and that’s where they worked until the day they retired. Outside of a corporate restructuring, or something else out of a person’s control, people mostly stayed in a job for decades. Switching jobs every few years didn’t happen all that often, and when it […]


Interviewing 101, Back to Basics

March 5, 2020

Congratulations! You got the call you’d been hoping for: The company you’ve had your eye on, with the dream job you’re very excited about, wants to bring you in for an interview. That’s halfway to having a new job. Prepare for the interview Do your research. Know some of the basics of the company’s history, […]


Landing a job in Finance With no Experience

February 28, 2020

Whether you’re just out of university, still working toward your degree, or looking to change careers, not having a wealth of experience in the financial industry doesn’t mean you’re automatically out of the running for a good job.    It’s possible to take the skills, training, and experience you already have and use them to make yourself […]


What is a Financial Analyst?

February 13, 2020

Looking for a new career but aren’t sure what to do? You’ve taken some accounting or business classes, but it doesn’t seem like the path for you. Consider becoming a financial analyst. But first — what is a financial analyst after all? To put it simply, a financial analyst guides people and individuals to help […]