Happy in Your Current Role? Consider These Reasons to STILL Chat With a Recruiter

The catalyst for coming to the decision to start job searching is generally because your current professional situation is no longer serving you. However, opting to be a passive job seeker, in which you are content with your job but still open to hearing about other opportunities, can greatly benefit your career. Even if you are happy in your current role, consider these five reasons to still chat with a recruiter: 

1. It Helps You Gain a Broader Approach to Your Career 

By connecting with a recruiter to learn about what job possibilities are out there, it can inspire you to think about your career’s big picture. It allows you the chance to understand what the next steps could be in your professional trajectory and to set goals for the future, whenever you are ready to move on.  

2. You Can Gauge Your Interest in Varying Areas 

The simple act of reviewing different job descriptions and observing if you notice any patterns in particular areas that get your attention can be enlightening. You may notice that every time you read about certain job duties, you find them appealing and could see yourself wanting to pursue jobs that focus in that area at a later time.  

3. You Can Learn Your Market Value 

If you have been in your current job for a few years, the labor market for your industry and role may have significantly changed since you were hired. Chatting with a recruiter can help you learn your current market value – you may find that other employers are compensating workers with your skills and experience at a higher rate than you currently receive. 

4. You Will Be in a Position of Power  

As a passive job searcher, being happy with your current role means there is no pressure if you do end up learning about new roles from a recruiter. You will be in a position of power since you have nothing to lose due to being content with your current professional situation. This means that not only will any interviews be less stressful, but you could try to negotiate for more pay or perks and be able to easily walk away if they aren’t met.  

5. It Gives You a Backup Plan if Something Changes  

Unfortunately, even if you love your current job, things can change quickly, from an amazing boss leaving to the worst case of layoffs. By already having an existing relationship with a recruiter, you will have a backup plan and be prepared to pivot and immediately start a job search.  

Take the Next Step in Your Career 

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