5 Ways To Stay Engaged With Your Prospective Candidates Post-Interview(s)

After a candidate has interviewed with your company, it is critical to keep the connection strong as you finalize your decision-making process. If you don’t take action to maintain contact, you risk losing top talent to other employers or simply having them change their mind about working for you. Learn more with these ways to stay engaged with your prospective candidates post-interview(s):

1. Create and Stick to a Timeline

The longer the period of time between the final interview and when you are ready to extend an offer, the more challenging it will be to keep candidates engaged. Streamline the process by creating and sticking to a timeline for making a final decision and informing candidates. Then, most importantly – communicate this timeline to them at the conclusion of the interview so they have clear expectations and won’t start to lose hope or interest in the opportunity.

2. Reach Out Regularly

Keep the lines of communication open post-interview to maintain the momentum of your interaction with prospective candidates. Reach out regularly, such as to see if they have any questions. It is especially important to stay in touch and immediately let candidates know if the aforementioned timeline will be delayed at all.

3. Provide Valuable Information

An effective way to maintain connections to prospective candidates is to offer them interesting and useful details about your company. Provide valuable information on topics, such as company culture and current company news and updates, to strengthen your employer brand while also engaging them.

4. Connect on LinkedIn

Extend an invitation to prospective candidates after the interview to connect with you on LinkedIn, as well as to follow your company’s LinkedIn page if applicable. Even if they do not end up receiving or accepting an offer to work with your company in the present, it can be helpful for future recruitment needs to have a way to easily stay in touch and be able to contact them.

5. Start Onboarding Ahead of Time

Once you get to the point in which you have offered a candidate the job and they have accepted, it’s still not time to stop engaging them. Putting in the effort to stay connected shows that you value them and are excited to welcome them to your team, which can be greatly beneficial to how positively they view you and the company. Start onboarding ahead of time as much as possible, such as sending a welcome message from you and their colleagues, as well as helpful information about what they can expect on their first day.

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