How to Boost Employee Morale During Winter

work rut

Wintertime can cause a steep drop in motivation for your employees, from the weather to returning to the office from holiday time off. Taking the initiative to encourage and support your team can prevent the temporary lull from becoming complete-blown burnout. Learn more about how to boost employee morale during winter:

Model a Positive Example

As a leader, your temperament can significantly influence your team’s morale. Model a positive example by setting an upbeat tone to all your employee interactions. Acknowledge stressful moments and try to find humor in them, or at the very least, avoid complaining or any other negative behavior in front of your employees.

Recognize Achievements

If your employees struggle to be productive, invigorate their workdays by celebrating their wins. Recognize their most recent achievements, such as recapping year-end accomplishments, and make it a point to compliment them on any job well done in real-time. Saying thank you takes little time but can pay off big by giving your employees a mental boost. 

Ask How You Can Help

When there is a drop in motivation, it is crucial to eliminate any unnecessary mental load since willpower can be difficult to muster. Ask your employees how you can help – meet with them to get their feedback on their current workload to help them prioritize or offer advice on how to streamline processes or get them more effective tools or resources.

Switch Up Routines

Morale often takes a dip when employees lose control over their professional situations. Switch up routines to introduce more autonomy into their workdays. If possible, allow for a more flexible schedule, one remote workday a week, or reduce any nonessential meetings and give them that time back. This can validate their feelings and give them a stronger sense of accountability for their work performance.

Incorporate Fun Activities

The key to boosting productivity and motivation is to step away from work. Incorporate fun activities throughout the winter to allow your employees to recharge and encourage team building. They will likely return to work with renewed engagement and belonging.

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