Thinking About a New Job? Read This.

If you are thinking about looking for a new job, here is what you need to know to get started.

The start of a new year may also make you think of a fresh start for your career. Whether you are dissatisfied with your current role, want to embark on a new career, or want to see what else is out there, being prepared is the key to success. If you are thinking about looking for a new job, here is what you need to know to get started:

Know What You Want

Before you dive into your job searching endeavors, set aside some time for reflection to gain clarity on what is most important to you in a job. Beyond the type of role itself, consider the type of schedule, flexibility, perks, workplace culture, etc. and prioritize what is most essential to your overall satisfaction. This will allow you to make more informed, streamlined decisions on what opportunities to pursue.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

Once you start applying for jobs, it is highly likely recruiters and hiring managers will be looking you up on LinkedIn or other online channels, so ensure it aligns with what you want your professional image to be. Perform a search to see what is publicly accessible in results for your name and delete or modify settings for anything that you wouldn’t want recruiters or hiring managers to see.

Tap Your Network

Your professional contacts can be a helpful resource to gain momentum on your job search. Reach out and let your network know you are interested in hearing about any job leads they may have – you never know who will be able to provide a referral or even personal introduction that gets your resume noticed.

Compile Your Accomplishments

One of the most effective ways to stand out in your job search is to have objective metrics to demonstrate your skill set and high performance. As you begin to look for new opportunities, look back on your previous jobs and compile your accomplishments to use in your resume, cover letters, and interview responses.

Diversify Your Sources

If you tend to default to general online job sites for your job search, you could be missing out on quality opportunities. Consider looking for other sources to find job leads, such as industry specific forums or partnering with a recruiter to connect you with openings.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

Are you ready to explore other possible opportunities? IFG is an accounting and finance employment agency, and our team of Business Partners has direct experience in the industry. We can work with you to connect you with the jobs that are the best fit for you, from your knowledge and skillset to your overall career goals. Contact us today to meet with an IFG Business Partner.