How to Negotiate Your Salary – The RIGHT Way

Salary negotiations can understandably be very uncomfortable situations. However, if you accept a low offer, it will hurt your long-term earnings potential and your overall sense of confidence. Since it can be a delicate topic, your strategy must be intentional to keep your professional relationship and reputation intact – regardless of the outcome. Here is how to negotiate your salary – the right way:

Maintain a Neutral Attitude

Keep your cool, and don’t go into the interaction with the idea that it’s an argument or a competition. Maintain a neutral attitude – remind yourself that it is simply a discussion to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Prepare with Research

Determine a salary range based on objective data ahead of time, making it more persuasive to employers. Prepare with research before your negotiation – use an online salary comparison tool to find average pay ranges for your industry, position, years of experience, and geographic location.

Clarify Your Boundaries

Prevent getting caught up in the moment and making a hasty decision. Clarify your boundaries and have an absolute minimum defined what you would be willing to settle for to serve as a cutoff point on when to decline the offer politely.

Be Flexible With Compensation

Depending on the employer’s budgetary constraints, they may be unable to meet your salary desires. Be willing to be flexible with overall compensation if possible, and think beyond strictly the salary amount. There may be other factors that would provide value to your life, such as a flexible schedule, competitive benefits, or remote work options, so keep that in mind as something to ask for if their offer is low.

Express Your Enthusiasm

As you begin the salary negotiation discussion, do not underestimate the importance of maintaining your likeability rather than trying to win at all costs. Express your enthusiasm for the role a few times throughout the conversation to let the employer know that you are excited about the opportunity and looking forward to working together.

Practice Your Pitch

Salary negotiations can be nerve-wracking, so prevent any accidental mishaps by being prepared. Practice your pitch before your meeting, using the aforementioned neutral tone and objective data to clearly and professionally communicate your desired salary offer.

Get the Offer in Writing

Once the salary negotiation is over and you have an offer you are happy with, prevent any misunderstandings later on. Get the request in writing so that no details are forgotten about, and everyone is on the same page.

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