Incorporate the STAR Method Into Your Next Interview

August 25, 2022
STAR Method

Hiring managers tend to utilize behavioral-based interview questions, in which they request candidates to give them past examples of how they handled situations or practiced skills. Having a framework for crafting your responses can ensure you tell a story in an informative, compelling and concise manner – even if you’re also trying to keep your […]


How to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

August 18, 2022

Diversity and inclusion is crucial for a successful business. The more varied your team is demographically, the more ideas and perspectives will be available, which will help drive innovation and better serve your customer base. Build a diverse and inclusive workplace with these tips: Prioritize DEI Initiatives It takes strategic and focused effort to successfully […]


Don’t Just Break The Glass Ceiling – Smash It!: 5 Tips for Women

March 6, 2020

Despite breakthroughs in gender and pay equality, many women still face barriers when trying to advance their careers in business, government or academics. A study by Statistics Canada looked at more than 10,000 public, private and government corporations and found that in 2016 and 2017, most of their Boards of Directors were composed entirely of […]