Work From Home Productivity Hacks

Make your new work space work for you!

  • Re-purpose your commute! That time that was once spent driving to work is now found time! Checking something off your to-do list first thing in the morning sets you up for success for the rest of the day! You can knock a book off your reading list using DailyLit’s 15 minutes of fiction per day.

  • Establish boundaries with your new “coworkers”. As much as we love them, our families and roommates can be a huge distraction to our workday. Make everyone aware of your important video calls (to avoid having them walk in on your meeting like this) and ask that they respect your schedule. Provide children with ample activities (find inspiration here) to keep them busy while you work.

  • Location, Location, Location! Create a barrier between your work and leisure spaces to put yourself into the work mindset. If you have a room available that can serve as an office and to which you can shut the door, this is best. Find more tips on optimizing your home office here.

  • Silence is not always golden! Background noise can boost productivity. Find a source of noise that works for you. Popular Science suggests that video game soundtracks tend to be engaging without being distracting, and may be unexpected productivity boosters.

  • Set a timer! Commit to your task until the timer runs out – the Pomodoro Technique trains your brain to avoid distractions when the timer is ticking. Similarly, try the laundry trick! Running a load of laundry has a built-in timer – when the washing machine’s cycle is completed, not only is your task completed but so is your laundry!

Finally remember that your teams are also struggling with a new work environment, they may have discovered tips that will work for you too. Compare notes with your coworkers and friends to share what’s worked for you and get their advice. We’re all in this together!