Try These Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before Your Interview

When you have a job interview, it is understandable to have some anxiety beforehand. However, if you don’t control your pre-interview jitters, you may be unable to focus and showcase your qualifications most effectively. Try these tips to calm your nerves before your interview:

Plan and Practice

Channel your nervous energy into preparing for your interview to feel more in control. Research the employer to understand its services, customers, mission, culture, and recent news. If possible, look up the hiring manager so you know background information on who you’ll be meeting with so you can more easily establish a rapport. Develop key points you’d like to make about your qualifications and strengths, practice answering common interview questions, and have questions prepared to ask the hiring manager to demonstrate your interest.

Get Ready in Advance

Avoid being flustered by the unexpected by taking care of the details beforehand. Select a professional outfit for your interview attire and have it ready to go the day before. Print out copies of your resume, and pack a notepad, pen, and work samples if applicable.

Make it a priority to be punctual and look up the interview location in advance to determine how much travel time (including finding parking) you must have to ensure you arrive with time to spare. Build in a buffer of extra time to plan for unexpected delays. Most importantly, ensure you plan to get plenty of sleep the night before so you are well-rested and alert.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Empower yourself to overcome your nerves by doing whatever you can to feel good about yourself. Ensure your interview attire is an outfit that projects a professional image – knowing that you look the part will help you feel more comfortable during the interview. Remind yourself of the proudest moments in your career, such as goals you accomplished or past accolades or compliments you received. And finally, reach out to trusted family, friends, mentors, or colleagues for support and reassurance.

Try Out Relaxation Techniques

Set aside time to de-stress leading up to your interview. Try to fit in time for a walk to get your blood flowing and your mood boosted. Consider meditating, whether that means following a guided meditation video or audio or simply closing your eyes, breathing, clearing your mind, and trying to focus on the present moment.

Challenge Your Self-Talk

Observe the specific thoughts running through your head when you are amid pre-interview nerves. Whenever you notice any negative thoughts, intentionally speak more kindly to yourself. For example, if you think, “I am going to mess this interview up and never get a new job,” you can challenge your self-talk and instead say, “I am qualified for the job, prepared for the interview, and will make a great impression.” Remind yourself that even if you don’t land this job, you will eventually receive an offer if you don’t give up.

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