Stressed Out? Here are 5 Easy Ways to Recharge Your Batteries

Having a career as a financial services professional can be extremely stressful. At stake are potentially millions or even billions of dollars of assets, and many people’s lives depend on how well money is managed.

Over the years, the industry has become even more stressful with corporate layoffs and increasing organizational and client expectations.

So what’s a career driven professional to do?

To move ahead in your career and continue to grow your business, sometimes it’s necessary to take a break and recharge your batteries. A break can be long (a vacation) or short (a 10 minute walk outside) and doesn’t necessarily require a big commitment of time. Some of our best insights can actually be discovered when we’re not focusing on the task at hand.

Live a Balanced Lifestyle on Weekends

Your week is extremely demanding so take a break on weekends and treat yourself. Sleep in and enjoy an extended breakfast. Go for a walk and explore nature. Parties are great, but if you’re partying every weekend it could take a toll on you when the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning.

Take Short Breaks During the Week

Clearing your mind and recharging your batteries doesn’t take a lot of time. Take a short break at lunchtime to help get you back on track for the rest of the day. Go for a walk around the block. Keep photos of loved ones or a favourite pet and glance at them during the day when the going gets tough. Have lunch with a co-worker but promise yourselves you won’t talk about work!

Reward Yourself

Just finished a really intense report? Take a minute and buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte! (or something with chocolate for those chocoholics). Having a bad week? Use a food app like Skip the Dishes to order dinner from your favourite restaurant. Craving sugar? Go buy yourself something sweet from a local bakery or coffee shop. Life is short. So feel free to eat cake!

Plug In to Unplug

Unplug from work activities and plug in to your favourite music. Music is known to have healing properties and sometimes you’ll just feel better listening to your favourite tunes. Go to a rock concert or treat yourself to a night at the Opera. If you’re the creative type, learn how to play a new instrument. It’s almost impossible to think about other things when trying to follow sheet music!

Find a Hobby

Find something to do that makes you forget about work. Go on a weekend fishing trip. Try out a new recipe. Take flying lessons. Become an expert in antiques and visit a few local fairs or shops. Whatever you decide to do, schedule time to do it and do it!