Strategies to Land the Industry’s Top Talent

High performers will always be in demand, but if you are in an industry with a skills or talent shortage, it can be incredibly competitive. The key to successful talent acquisition is a well-planned approach to attract the right prospects as well as gain their interest in you as an employer above your competitors. Improve your recruitment process with these strategies to land the industry’s top talent:

Optimize Your Online Presence

Posting your job openings on general job boards isn’t enough to get the interest of top talent. If candidates can’t find information about your company online, they are significantly less likely to apply. Optimize your online presence by ensuring your company is visible in online search results, such as by writing informative copy on your website and posting relevant content on your social media platforms.

Boost Your Employer Brand

Your employee value proposition (EVP) is a critical factor in the decision-making for prospective candidates. Your company’s EVP should clearly define and communicate the benefits for your employees by working there, including the company mission, core values, culture, and compensation/perks. Boost your employer brand by making it an essential component throughout your recruitment process, from communicating it in the job description to prioritizing it throughout the candidate experience.

Reach Out to Passive Candidates

The industry’s top talent is unlikely to be job searching at the precise moment you have an opening. If you want to land them, you can’t rely on ideal timing and only target active job seekers. Reach out to passive candidates proactively, such as on LinkedIn or direct contact if it’s someone you have met before, and let them know you think they’d be a great fit – you never know who may be open to considering a new job, even if they are not currently searching. Consider partnering with a recruitment agency to expand your reach to passive candidates.

Improve Your Offer

Top talent knows their value in the marketplace and won’t consider an offer significantly under market value. Ensure you offer acceptable compensation by researching current average salaries for your industry, the job title, and geographic area. Improve your job offer further by focusing beyond salary and adding value with flexible scheduling, remote work options, and other perks that would appeal to candidates for work-life balance or professional development.

Attract Quality Candidates

Work with IFG to develop and implement a successful recruiting strategy and land top talent. Our recruiting expertise can ensure you effectively target the right people, position your employer brand, and make compelling offers. Additionally, our team has a network of candidates that we can tap into to find you the ones who would be the best fit for your needs in a timely manner. Contact us to learn more about our accounting and finance recruiting services.