Remembering the Basics of a Job Search

Although job searching best practices change over the years as hiring processes evolve, there are fundamentals that remain steadfast. Focusing on these essentials will ensure you make the most of your efforts and leave a positive impression on hiring managers. Check out these timeless tips to make your job search successful:  

Develop a Plan 

Establishing a set job searching routine will help you make regular progress on your goals. Have a strategy for your job search consisting of the various necessary tasks, such as looking for job leads, researching companies, updating your resume, and networking. Then, develop a plan by defining how often and when you will perform your job searching tasks and schedule the time into your calendar. Remember: even a focused 15 minute session daily will be more effective than an extensive hours long session only every once in a while. 

Make It Clear You’re Qualified 

When you are competing against numerous other candidates, it is not reasonable to expect that hiring managers will have the time or inclination to thoroughly read your resume content to determine context and make the conclusion that you do indeed have the necessary skills for the position. This is why it is so crucial to make it very clear you are qualified at first glance, such as by using the exact keywords from the job posting and arranging your resume bullet points based on the same order as the qualifications are listed. Plus, since it is highly likely your resume will first be filtered through a software known as an applicant tracking system (ATS), making your fit obvious will reduce the likelihood of your resume being inadvertently marked as not meeting the baseline qualifications.   

Expand Your Sources 

If you limit yourself to only looking for job openings from the same general sources, you end up making your job search even more difficult. Not only are you finding fewer leads, but the ones you do find, you are likely facing steeper competition and challenges in getting noticed. Expand your sources when it comes to looking for job postings to increase the number of opportunities. For example, in addition to online job boards, try industry specific forums, working with a staffing agency, or directly reaching out to people in your network.  

Regularly Update Your Resume 

Crafting your resume should not be a one-off task that is only completed whenever you have a new job to add to your work history. Instead, you should be updating your resume regularly for each specific job for which you apply. For example, you may opt to remove less relevant qualifications or reorder your bullet points to highlight skills that are more in-demand for the posting. 

Show Appreciation 

Professional courtesy will never fall out of favor, so make it a point to always prioritize expressing your thanks to hiring managers throughout the process. Show your appreciation for being considered for all opportunities you pursue, especially after an interview. As soon as possible, send an email in which you thank them for taking the time to meet with you and their consideration for the position so you leave a positive and professional impression.  

Achieve Your Professional Goals 

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