Professional Social Media Best Practices

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Hiring managers will typically utilize every channel possible to learn about candidates so they can feel confident they are making the right decisions. Social media can provide valuable insight into a candidate’s personal and professional strengths and skills, as well as potentially uncover any red flags. If you are job searching, it is essential to take steps to make the right impression. Learn more about professional social media best practices: 

Do a Deep Cleaning 

If you have been an active social media user for many years, there may be content you posted or were tagged in that you have forgotten about, but wouldn’t want to reflect on you professionally. Do a deep cleaning of your social media by reviewing all your content, and then deleting or changing the privacy settings on anything you would not want a hiring manager to come across during their search.  

Be Intentional With Your Online Presence 

Ensure any public social media content is carefully cultivated. Any job titles or other details you have on your social media profiles should be updated and match your resume – any discrepancies could potentially make hiring managers question the accuracy of your application materials. Also, choose a profile photo that portrays you in a professional manner, such as an individual headshot rather than a group event photo. 

Avoid Posting Inappropriate or Negative Content 

There are unfortunately many instances of candidates losing out on job opportunities due to something they posted on social media, either on their own profile or as a comment to another post. Avoid posting inappropriate or negative content – especially keep in mind to not vent about your current job, as that can look like a red flag to hiring managers.  

Network Strategically 

Social media can be a great tool for networking and helping you connect with others who may be able to aid you in your job search endeavors. Network strategically, such as by reaching out to former colleagues for job leads, connecting to people in your industry on LinkedIn and interacting in professional group discussions for valuable advice. You never know where your social media professional networking could lead you.  

Explore New Opportunities 

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