Improve Your Company Culture to Attract and Retain Employees

corporate culture

When top talent is deciding which employers to pursue, a major factor they take into consideration is company culture. Being proactive and intentional about cultivating a positive company culture will pay off by enhancing your employer brand to prospective candidates, as well as boosting morale and engagement in your workplace. Learn more about how to improve your company culture to attract and retain employees: 

Adjust Hiring Processes To Be More Inclusive  

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is the foundation of a positive workplace culture, and it starts with your hiring process. Take steps to encourage the widest pool of demographics to apply for your positions. This includes:

  • Writing your job postings to highlight your company’s commitment to diversity so applicants would feel psychologically safe working there   
  • Focusing on non-negotiable qualifications, rather than an expansive “wish list” of nonessential qualifications, in order to naturally build a more comprehensive candidate pool 
  • Communicating company benefits and perks, such as flexible scheduling and generous paid time off, that would appeal to a wide range of demographics

Establish Clearly Defined, Consistent Values 

Authenticity is the key to cultivating a company culture that appeals to prospective candidates and your current employees. It is absolutely crucial to establish clearly defined, consistent values. Clarify your company’s broader mission, as well as the core values that will be used as the basis of all decision-making. This can be anything from what content to include on your website to any major company policies to implement – they should all relate back to your core values, which will then continue strengthening the culture you desire.  

Solicit and Act on Employee Feedback  

There is often a disconnect between the company culture you are trying to cultivate and the perception your employees may have of it. If you want to improve your culture to attract and retain employees, start with the valuable insight your current employees can provide. Solicit feedback from your team regarding their satisfaction with the company culture and their job as a whole, and then make improvements accordingly.  

Attract Top Talent 

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