Improve the Inclusiveness of Your Job Descriptions

If your company has a commitment to diversity in its workforce, it all starts with your recruitment process. The content of your job descriptions may inadvertently deter candidates from particular demographics from applying, so it is essential to strategically craft postings to appeal to the widest audience possible. Improve the inclusiveness of your job description with these tips: 

Watch Your Wording 

There are certain words and phrases that tend to have an unconscious bias in job postings and may unintentionally dissuade candidates based on their demographics.  

  • Gender – Focus on using general-neutral pronouns (i.e., “they” vs. “he/she”) and avoid gender-coded words like “aggressive” (commonly based on male stereotypical traits) or “patient” (other associated with female stereotypical traits).  
  • Age – Choose words regarding qualifications to prevent the perception of a bias toward more experienced workers. Common phrases in job descriptions that can come across as discriminatory based on age include “digital native” or “recent graduate.” 
  • Disabled – Be careful when describing the qualifications of the role that you do not inadvertently use ableist language, such as stating “walking” or “being on one’s feet” is required when really it is the ability to move throughout the workplace that is important.

Reduce Your Requirement List 

When you are crafting your job description, it can be tempting to create an extensive list of desired qualifications in the hopes of landing the most talented prospective candidates possible. Even if you are willing and able to accept candidates who don’t meet all of those “wish list” qualifications, many job seekers won’t realize that and will self-select out of the process. This tends to be particularly true for minority groups, who are often less likely to apply for jobs unless they feel they have 100% of the qualifications listed. Reduce your requirement list to what is truly necessary to perform the role successfully to organically make your description more inclusive. 

Highlight Inclusive Benefit Offerings 

Demonstrate that your company is not simply paying lip service when it comes to its commitment to inclusiveness. Highlight the inclusive benefits your company offers that would be appealing to a wide range of demographics. Benefits like flexible scheduling, remote work options, and paid parental leave open up employment opportunities to a variety of prospective candidates and their necessary accommodations.  

Attract Top Talent 

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