IFG Is Committed to Reach Net Zero by 2025

Net Zero

Net zero carbon refers to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming by balancing out the emissions put into the atmosphere and removing an equivalent amount. IFG is proud to announce that our company is dedicated to doing our part to mitigate our environmental impact by working to achieve net zero emissions in the near future. Learn more about IFG’s commitment to reach net zero by 2025:

Why Did IFG Decide to Commit to Net Zero?

Disclosure regarding environmental impact is not yet federally required for companies, but IFG is dedicated to transparency and doing our part to make our business operations more environmentally-friendly. IFG became a member of the not-for-profit charity CDP in 2022. CDP is the most comprehensive global disclosure database for tracking environmental impact from companies, investors, and governments. By joining CDP, IFG now has the opportunity to view data regarding our energy use so we can evaluate where we are at in order to make necessary improvements to get to where we want to be: net zero by 2025!

What Steps Has IFG Taken to Reach Net Zero by 2025?

Reaching net zero in the next three years is a lofty goal, but IFG has put together a comprehensive step-by-step action plan. Our first step was to gather data regarding our current carbon footprint. Next, we have developed a timeline in which to accomplish our specific tasks and keep us on track. In order to reach net zero, we will be enacting changes in our working model, including how we do business and the clients and/or vendors with which we work. We will also continue to monitor and assess our environmental impact through ongoing review of our data from CDP so we can evaluate how our efforts are paying off and make changes accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Net Zero Company?

Among IFG’s core values are environmental responsibility and transparency, and our mission is to do our part to create a sustainable future as we reduce our carbon footprint. This creates a positive company culture that attracts like minded clients to do business with us, as well as employees who have higher job satisfaction, engagement, and morale. By working with or for IFG, people can feel excited knowing they are teaming up with a company like IFG that truly values integrity and puts in the effort to be a good steward to the planet.

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