How to Select References Who Will Actually BRAG About You


When you’re job searching and make it to the final stages of the hiring process, the quality of the references you receive can majorly influence the outcome of the hiring manager’s decision. Don’t leave it up to chance – here is how to select references who will actually brag about you:

Clarify the Most Valuable Type of Reference

In order for a reference to provide feedback that would truly be effective for landing the job, they must have insight into your skills that would most align with the core requirements of the role you are pursuing. Clarify the most valuable type of reference for the specific job you are up for, such as a particular technical qualification or soft skill. This can help you select references who will have not only positive things to say, but the most relevant for the hiring manager to know.

Consider How Closely They Supervised You

One key area hiring managers want to uncover from a reference check is your level of professionalism. To get a positive reference that is compelling to the hiring manager, when picking out who you should provide as a reference, consider how closely they supervised you. Direct managers are generally the best choice, as well as teachers, volunteer coordinators, or other higher level colleagues.

Include Those Who Can Attest to Your Skills

Depending on the nature of your work, you may have worked closely with colleagues in a collaborative setting. Selecting a reference who can attest to your skills is a great way to ensure they end up bragging about you to the hiring manager. Think about experienced previous colleagues who have worked closely with you and can thoroughly discuss your applicable skills.

Reach Out Ahead of Time to Prepare

It is crucial to contact any potential references and ensure you have their permission to give their information to hiring managers. Reach out ahead of time to first and foremost, ask if they would be willing to serve as a reference for you. Once you have their permission, you can share details about the job, which will prepare them to give the most compelling reference possible.

Achieve Your Goals

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