How to Find the Best Job for You

Just because a job description aligns with your experience and skill set doesn’t mean it would be right for you. Defining what type of job is compatible with your professional background and personal preferences can take some time. Still, it will pay off by helping you target the opportunities that are most likely to be an optimal long-term fit. Learn more about how to find the best job for you:

Assess Your Natural Skills

Think back throughout your work and educational history and consider what skills have come naturally to you that you also are content doing. Assess your hard skills (i.e., technical skills you gain through training and experience) and soft skills (personal attributes like communication or leadership) to determine what you should look for in potential roles.

Clarify Personal Fulfillment

Once you know what you are skilled at, take it further and clarify what you find personally fulfilling. Reflect on times when you were in a deep state of flow when working and didn’t notice or care about how much time was passing because you were so inspired. Knowing what sparks your passion, such as creative endeavors, problem-solving, or helping others, can help you understand what to look for in a job.

Define Preferred Work Environment

In addition to the duties of a job, a crucial factor that plays into your overall job satisfaction is the day-to-day work environment. Define what type of work environment best fits you – consider management style, workplace culture, level of flexibility, schedule, etc. This can serve as guidance to make decisions on similar jobs to land the right one.

Research Possibilities

Make it a point to review job postings and employers, even if you aren’t ready to apply, aren’t in the right geographical area, etc., just to see what intrigues you. Researching the possibilities with an open mind can give you a sense of what is out there to help you determine what is appealing.

Work with a Recruiter

Getting an outside perspective can be beneficial if you are uncertain about what jobs would be a good fit for your skills, personal interests, and professional goals. Work with a recruiter to learn about what roles they think you would be a possible match for – their expertise, combined with access to job openings not available elsewhere, can be enlightening.

Explore New Opportunities

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