“Ho Ho Help!” 6 Time Management Tips for the Holidays

It’s hard to think of the holiday season being full of joy and wonder when it feels as if you can never stay on top of your “to do” list. Parties, shopping, family gatherings, dinners – they all take their toll on us during this busy time of year.

The holidays are especially hard on professionals forced to transition between super productive to holiday downtime mode. For many of us, it’s hard to unwind and truly enjoy the festive spirit of the holidays.

So how do you get everything done and still come out with energy to spare? Relax!!!

Here are 6 tips on how to effectively manage your time during the holiday season:

1. Plan in Advance

Start early and prepare your list of tasks. Prioritize them. Are there things you can do now to lessen the stress of the holidays? Even if you do only one thing each day, you’re closer to getting everything done once the holidays are here. Give yourself little breaks between tasks to lessen stress and anxiety.

2. Delegate

Get your family involved with home projects like decorating, cooking and baking. At work, it’s OK to rely on others to get things done. Take advantage of opportunities to collaborate on projects. Whether at work or at home, things get done more efficiently and effectively if everyone feels they are part of a team with a common goal!

3. Get Into the Festive Spirit!

Why let everyone else have all the fun? Put up some holiday decorations around your work area. Bring in some chocolates or candies to share with your co-workers. Have an office pot luck party or gift exchange. Take donations and contribute to a local charity. Everyone is stressed enough during the holidays, so any opportunity to create an environment of positivity and goodwill will ensure everyone is focused and motivated on the task at hand!

4. You Don’t Have to be Perfect

Real life isn’t like a Hallmark movie. Things don’t always go smoothly and have a happy ending. Does it really matter if your cookies don’t look anything like the glossy image in the book? Will anyone notice if your tree doesn’t look like the one Martha Stewart decorated on her TV show? Give yourself a break. Nobody is perfect. The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones so focus on that.

5. Take Time For Yourself

Don’t stress yourself out and feel miserable because you’re so busy running around finishing things for home and work. Take some time out to reward yourself. Unplug from emails and social media. Sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine and a good book. Soak in a tub filled with scented bubble bath. Go skating or visit a local Christmas market. The holidays might focus on spending time with others, but don’t forget you’re important too!

6. You CAN Say “NO!”

During the holidays, no one is expecting you to be superhuman. You’re allowed to say no! With a full “to do” list, chances are you won’t be able to attend every holiday invite. Maybe you’ve already booked time with family. Choose events that sound like fun and accommodate your “to do” list. Manage your time wisely and you’ll feel less anxious and overwhelmed once the real celebrations begin!