Demonstrate Your Added Value at Work to an Employer

added value

When hiring managers are deciding which candidate to extend a job offer to, a major factor tends to be their confidence in how much value your contribution would add to the organization.  You can increase your chances of landing the job by being prepared with a strategy to highlight your track record of past achievements and how you have utilized your skill sets to benefit previous employers. Learn more about how to demonstrate your added value at work to an employer:

Clarify How You Measure Success

Every role has its own specific way of determining the level of performance. Clarify how you measure success professionally – i.e., productivity, customer service, sales figures, cost savings, etc. This will set the foundation of how you go about communicating your value to employers throughout each stage of the hiring process.

Brainstorm and Compile Your Achievements

Once you have an understanding of the scope of your professional value is measured in your line of work, take the time to figure out real-life examples of how well you performed. Brainstorm and compile a comprehensive list of your achievements, such as times you saved the company money, were ranked highly, or brought forth an idea that was implemented and helped advance company mission.  This will give you ample material for preparing your resume and cover letter, as well as developing key talking points for your interview.

Specify Value Metrics

Hiring managers tend to notice and take stock in candidate accomplishments that can be quantified because it assigns a more tangible value. Specify the metrics that can support your value – for example, the number of people you managed, dollar amount of the budget you were in charge of, percentile ranking, etc. For your cover letter and resume bullet points, add these quantifiable metrics to catch the hiring manager’s attention within the first glance.

Include Any Accolades

Any official recognition you have received is a great way to make it clear that you are a top performer. It can be especially helpful when you’re not in a role that necessarily lends itself to quantifiable results. On your resume and cover letter, include any accolades, such as awards or certifications, as a way to demonstrate your value to employers.

Explore New Opportunities

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