Create a High-Performance Team

Cultivating a team of top-tier performers is more than simply hiring employees with key skill sets – it requires managers to intentionally encourage engagement and motivation. Tapping into the mindset of your employees will help them reach their full potential and feel satisfied while doing so. Create a high-performance team by focusing on these factors:


Your top performers are ultimately human beings with emotional needs and a drive to feel valued. Recognize their efforts and achievements as much as possible. The positive acknowledgement will make them feel motivated to continue to excel because they know it’s noticed and appreciated.


When there is confusion regarding the parameters of a particular task/project, it can be frustrating to employees and affect their ability to perform at the top level. Set clear expectations, such as deadlines, frequency of progress updates, desired quality, and any relevant final results, so they know exactly how to prioritize and execute without the unnecessary stress of questioning if they are performing to your standards. Also make it a point to consistently provide feedback regarding how well they have met expectations. This will ensure they are comfortable knowing where they stand performance-wise at any given time, and know how to focus their efforts accordingly.


When you step out of your team’s way and give them autonomy over their work processes, they feel a stronger sense of ownership. This leads to increased accountability and a higher quality outcome than if they are simply following orders and being micromanaged. It also has the added benefit of demonstrating your trust in their abilities, and makes them want to prove you right.


Even if employees have strong work ethic, it can be difficult to sustain strong motivation when it seems the work they are doing does not have a deeper purpose. Regularly communicate to your team the impact their work has and how it’s contributing to the company’s mission to keep their passion sparked.


To maximize the potential of your team’s performance, they must feel challenged. If there is no opportunity for professional growth on an ongoing basis, they are likely to get bored and complacent, and eventually lose their dedication to go above and beyond. Create a high-performance team by providing them a safe space for growth, and allowing for risk-taking and stepping outside of their comfort zone to try out ideas, learn new skills or gain experience in different areas.

Attract Top Talent

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