Communication Basics: Email Templates During Your Job Search

email templates

The first impression you make on a recruiter or hiring manager generally occurs prior to meeting face-to-face. How you communicate via email can make you stand out from other candidates and convey your communication skills and level of professionalism. Follow best communications practices by using these email templates during your job search: 

Reaching Out to Recruiters 

Working with a recruiter for your job search can be an effective strategy because it helps streamline your efforts by connecting you to positions that align with your qualifications that you may not otherwise have been able to access on your own. When reaching out to recruiters, it’s important to catch their attention quickly by being intentional and concise. Be direct in your subject line, address them by name if possible, and then immediately explain your background and skill set so the recruiter can quickly determine if you’re a good fit for the employers they serve.  

Example Template: 

Subject Line: [Current Job Title] seeking new opportunities 

Dear [Name], 

During my research for new professional opportunities, I learned that you recruit in the [XYZ] industry in [geographic location]. Currently I am a [Job Title] at [Employer Name], but am interested in pursuing new opportunities. I have [X] years of experience with [Relevant Hard Skills] and my [Relevant Soft Skills] would make me a valuable asset. 

I have attached a copy of my resume. I would love an opportunity to connect with you and discuss how we could work together. Thank you for your consideration. 


[Your Name] 

Scheduling an Interview 

When you are contacted to set up a time to interview, it’s important to treat your email response as an extension of the interview.  This is your chance to demonstrate that, if hired, you would be professional and courteous internally, as well as represent the company appropriately to customers or clients. In the email response, express your appreciation for the consideration, reiterate the day and time of the interview to serve as confirmation, and then graciously conclude the message.  

Example Template: 

Dear [Name], 

Thank you for the invitation to interview with [Name of Company]. I would like to confirm that I will be available to interview at [Date and Time].  

I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and look forward to learning more about the role. 



[Email Signature] 

Following Up 

After an interview, it is crucial to follow up as quickly as possible to thank your interviewer. Not only is this seen as a professional best practice, but it is also key to staying top-of-mind and demonstrating your continued enthusiasm for the role. Additionally, it gives you one last opportunity to convey any key points you didn’t get a chance to make during the interview.  

Example Template: 

Subject Line: Thank You 

Dear [NAME], 

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. It was so great to learn more about [Insert Relevant Point].  Our conversation really solidified my desire to join your team and use my [Relevant Qualifications] to contribute to achieving  [Specific Goal] for [Company Name].  

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you.  



Achieve Your Goals 

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