Build Your Career with the Right Salary Guide

Discussing compensation with a current or potential employer can be a deeply uncomfortable conversation for many working professionals. Having research-based findings provides an objective reference point for you as you navigate your professional progression to determine what salary to ask for and what offers are acceptable. Build your career by reviewing this salary guide to determine your market value worth:

Market Value Averages

It is crucial to have verification regarding what your expertise is worth overall in the job market. Review the national averages for salaries for finance and accounting jobs across the country, as well as for specific regions to get a sense of what your industry peers are being paid. If you find that your compensation is significantly below that, you can cite these market value averages during a salary discussion.

Additional Marketability

Salary guides typically are a range of annual figures and can vary quite a bit. If you want to be at the higher end of the pay scale, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have skills that warrant being classified above the median. Showcase your additional marketability to employers by upskilling to gain expertise in a related area that would make you better at your job in the near future, such as technology related to finance or accounting, as well as boosting your transferable skills like writing, public speaking, and leadership.

Job Market Conditions

Another key factor that influences your salary is how competitive the landscape is for employers needing to hire top talent. Do some research into the job market conditions for your geographic area, industry, and job title. If they are heavily favorable toward workers due to a lack of candidates with your skill set, you will be in a more advantageous position for asking for a pay raise or higher offer, as well as negotiating for more perks, like a flexible schedule or the ability to work remotely.

Explore New Opportunities

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