Best Job Search Tips for 2023

If you want to make a professional change in 2023, you will be more likely to succeed if you put in the effort and preparation to make the most of your actions. Since the job market for your industry or geographic area may have changed since your last job search, ensure your strategy is up-to-date. Check out the best job search tips for 2023:

Compile List of Achievements

Having objective metrics to support your skills and work ethic is essential throughout your job search to stand out to hiring managers. Compile a list of your achievements (and keep an ongoing record of new ones as they occur) to include in your resume, cover letter, and interview responses.

Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

A strategically crafted resume and LinkedIn profile are crucial for job search success in 2023. Don’t copy and paste your job description and submit it – instead, ensure your resume and profile are optimized for applicant tracking software (ATS) and search engines by adding keywords from job postings you’re interested in throughout them. This ensures that the technology used to review applicants recognizes that you’re qualified, and your resume doesn’t get rejected, or your LinkedIn profile doesn’t appear in the results.

Practice Your Interview Technique

The impression you leave in a job interview can make or break your chances of successfully landing the job. For each opportunity, practice your interview technique. Research the company so you can tailor your responses to their specific needs, determine what key points you want to get across, and practice introducing yourself with confidence.

Expand Your Network

So many exciting job opportunities are not on the general online job sites you review. Expand your network to learn about as many jobs leads as possible and find the one that is right for you. Consider reaching out and building a relationship with a recruiter – this will allow you to access a wide variety of high-quality job openings with less time and effort.

Achieve Your Goals

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