ATS Keywords Can Help You Get Your Resume Noticed

Having an understanding of the inner workings of the candidate search process from the hiring manager’s perspective can help you be more strategic with your job search efforts. A crucial component that many job seekers don’t realize is the fact that most employers utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS), software that filters resumes based on specified criteria. What this means for you is that your resume must be crafted to clearly demonstrate your qualifications to first an ATS and then a hiring manager. Learn more about which ATS keywords can help you get your resume noticed:  

Dive Deep Into the Job Description 

Your main focus for determining the ideal keywords to include in your resume is the job description. Dive deep into the language used in the posting for each specific job for which you apply, and make a list of the words/phrases used regarding required qualifications. Ensure you are not using synonyms but are including the exact keywords used since it’s highly likely that is what the ATS will be programmed to scan for and filter.  

Place ATS Keywords Strategically 

It’s important for your keywords to have appropriate placement throughout your resume, since a hiring manager will also be looking at it after the fact. Do not go overboard cramming in as many keywords as possible in every section. Instead, focus on placing keywords strategically in an organic manner. A summary statement/professional objective section near the top of your resume is an ideal place for including the specific name of the job title for which you are applying for the ATS. The keyword content in your experience section and accompanying bullet points should then align with how the qualifications are listed in the job posting.  

Be Mindful of Keyword Variations  

Since you are dealing with a machine and not a person reading your resume at first, it’s crucial to review your content in a strictly logical way. Be mindful of keyword variations, such as including both the full words/phrases along with abbreviations, or adding a more commonly used industry keyword in parenthesis if your previous employer’s job title(s) are not widely used or recognized.  

Land Your Dream Job 

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