Are You Listening to These Top Finance Podcasts?

As a finance professional, if you want to be on the top of your game, you must be proactive about staying up-to-date on industry topics. A convenient but effective way to build this into your routine is by listening to podcasts – here are some of the top finance podcasts:

Odd Lots

On Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast, the hosts discuss a wide range of business and finance topics in a thematic manner with interesting guests.  It can help you stay updated on finance industry events and discover less mainstream stories.

So Money

Hosted by financial strategist Farnoosh Torabi, So Money is a popular podcast for finance professionals across specialties. It features informative and inspirational stories from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and bestselling authors. You can learn about strategies and anecdotes to both inspire and entertain you.

Invest Like the Best

The Invest Like the Best podcast is geared toward finance professionals and helps them learn from those who have succeeded. Top Investors and business leaders have conversations where they explore insights and ideas for making the most strategic decisions for investing.

Planet Money

Presented by NPR, Planet Money is a podcast that can multitask by being an interesting news listen while also relating to the economy. Although it’s not specifically targeted to finance professionals, it can be a productive yet entertaining way for you to be educated and inspired by deep dives into economic topics with a down-to-earth, storytelling format.

Conversations for Financial Professionals

Whether you are at the beginning of your finance career or a more experienced professional wanting to be the best at your job as possible, this podcast can provide valuable advice. Conversations for Finance Professionals explore industry-specific day-to-day topics and offer insight and guidance into helping professionals best serve their clients.

The Financial Advisor’s 90-Second Coach Podcast

When you are short on time or need a quick but productive brain break, The Financial Advisor’s 90-Second Coach Podcast can be useful. It is hosted by a financial advisor consultant who answers questions from financial advisors or provides thought-provoking wisdom in short snippets.

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