A Holistic Approach to DEI

Understanding the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and being committed to improvement generally isn’t enough for effective, true change. Authentically improving the DEI outcomes in the workplace requires a more holistic approach in which all aspects of the workplace, from culture to policies and key decisions, are built around it and all levels of employees contribute to building and strengthening it. Learn more about how to successfully implement a holistic approach to DEI:

Facilitate Self-Awareness

Often the thought patterns that lead to behavior that is counterproductive to DEI are unconscious and therefore, people don’t realize they may have deeply held biases that are influencing them to be drawn to others who are most similar to them. Facilitate self-awareness and help employees recognize and overcome their biases by discussing the topic in an objective manner and providing resources for actions they can take to recognize and tackle them.

Inspire Employee Buy-In

People are less likely to change when they feel forced. Instead, inspire employee buy-in by highlighting the positive aspects that will occur by everyone working together to improve the DEI of the workplace. Engage employees at all levels, not just those in management or other leadership roles. Communicate how important their contributions are in creating a more open workplace in which all feel welcomed. Encourage them to take part in DEI educations and initiatives and to offer their feedback for steps your company can take to grow and improve. Create a space in which employees feel comfortable in bringing up potentially uncomfortable discussions and fully participating in accountability for one another.

Use DEI Commitment to Guide Decision-Making

To organically cultivate a DEI-focused workplace, it needs to be part of the foundation for all your organizational decisions. When determining priorities and making changes, use your company’s DEI commitment as a guide for decision-making. From setting official policies and expectations regarding workplace behavior to recruitment processes to overarching strategic goals and mission statements, every aspect should be viewed through the lens of ensuring it supports your DEI initiatives.

Attract Top Talent

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