6 Tips on How to Get Noticed By Potential Employers on LinkedIn

get noticed on LinkedIn

If you want to make yourself accessible to recruiters for new opportunities, utilizing your online presence on LinkedIn should be a key part of your strategy. LinkedIn plays an integral role in the hiring process, from reaching out to prospective candidates inviting them to apply to reviewing LinkedIn profiles of applicants as a screening tool. Check out these tips on how to get noticed by potential employers on LinkedIn:

1. Choose a Professional Looking Photo

Make a positive first impression when hiring managers come across your LinkedIn profile. Choose a professional looking photo – a basic headshot with a simple background will present you in a way that will help you be taken seriously.

2. Utilize Keywords Strategically

Linkedin’s search engine pulls results based on the wording from throughout a profile; therefore, you need to utilize keywords strategically to ensure you show up to potential employers when they search for candidates like you. Optimize the content in your headline, as well as your About and Experience sections, to be informative and get you noticed in search results. Determine what keywords are most relevant for your background and how recruiters would be searching for candidates like you, and update your content accordingly.

3. Upload Examples of Your Work

Show potential employers your talent and expertise by uploading examples of your work. LinkedIn profiles have an optional “Add media” section where you can include links or directly upload documents to showcase your skills.

4. Take Advantage of Recommendations

Reach out to past managers, colleagues, clients, or anyone you have worked with to see if they would be willing to write you a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. When recruiters come across you on LinkedIn, they will be able to view positive references right away and be more inclined to take you seriously as a potential employee.

5. Show Your Personality

Leave a lasting impression after hiring managers review your LinkedIn profile by giving them a sense of who you are so they can envision you as a potential colleague. Show your personality by making your introductory sentences on your About section compelling and unique to you, such as a brief description of why you got into your line of work or a highlight of your achievements.

6. Post and Interact

LinkedIn is a social media platform, so become an active user to get the attention of hiring managers. React and comment on posts from other users, as well as share content or make your own posts sharing your own ideas and perspectives on industry related topics. Join industry LinkedIn groups and engage in forum discussions. This demonstrates your passion for your work to potential employers.

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