5 Most Useful LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn is among the most standard candidate outreach platforms recruiters and hiring managers utilize. Therefore, whether you are an active job seeker or would be passively open to hearing about the right opportunities, it is essential to have your profile optimized to showcase the most in-demand skills. According to 2022 data from LinkedIn, these are among the most useful LinkedIn skills to highlight on your profile:

  1. Technology

With cloud applications becoming more prevalent as remote and hybrid work is more commonplace, those in the accounting and finance industry must be knowledgeable about technology. In addition to industry-specific software experience being in demand, employers also like to see that you are adaptable to embracing and learning new technology as it arises.

  1. Analysis and Reporting

Critical thinking and problem-solving are essential soft skills for any professional, but these skills are necessary for those in accounting or finance roles. To be the most valuable contributor possible, it is crucial to record figures and run reports and use the data to form conclusions and make recommendations to help improve a company’s bottom line.

  1. Customer Service

Whether you work in accounting and finance for a company in an industry that serves individual consumers or a B2B field with clients, you will likely need to interact with others as a representative of your employer. Customer service skills are in high demand for recruiters and hiring managers as they are transferable and can be an asset, regardless of your job duties.

  1. Management

The ability to effectively lead and take ownership and accountability of a group or a project is a critical soft skill across industries. Even if you haven’t had an official management role, highlighting any leadership experience you have had can help you get noticed by employers on LinkedIn.

  1. Communication

Verbal and written communication skills are necessary to succeed in any workplace; however, in an accounting and finance role where you are an expert on a specialized subject matter, it is imperative to be able to explain unfamiliar or complicated concepts to colleagues or superiors in other departments. Hiring managers want to feel confident that whomever they hire will be someone who is not only highly skilled but who can also share their insight in a helpful and easy way to understand.

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