5 Harsh Truths in Your Job Hunt

Looking for a job can be difficult because if you are not getting the desired results, you may never know why. While many factors are out of candidates’ control regarding job searching, having a realistic idea of how it works and common missteps can help you switch your strategy and land a new role.

Check out these five harsh truths in your job hunt:

  1. Software Makes the Call

It takes some time before human eyes get their eyes on your resume – it is generally filtered through an applicant tracking system (ATS). This software scans the content to determine if you meet the qualifications and should be passed on to the hiring manager or filtered out. This means you cannot write your resume with the notion that a human being will be able to read it and understand the context of why you are qualified – you must use the exact wording from the job description.

  1. Your Online Presence Can Cost You

Hiring managers understandably want to feel confident when deciding on candidates. One common way of pre-screening candidates is by reviewing their public online presence. If anything comes across as a red flag, they could question your professionalism and pass on you. Before you job search, search your name online to see what publicly accessible content shows up and how it reflects on you.

  1. Relying on General Online Job Boards is Futile

Many employers opt not to post their job openings on general online job boards and instead utilize their website, industry-specific career platforms, or work with staffing agencies. If you only peruse the same general job search websites, you are missing out on opportunities and setting yourself up for steep competition since many other job seekers also do the same. Branch out and cast a wider net when looking for opportunities.

  1. First Impressions Are Crucial

It can be difficult to overcome a less-than-ideal first impression when job searching, whether it’s a typo in your resume or being late to the interview. Preparation is critical to not having your qualifications overlooked because you left a negative perception. Thoroughly review your application materials, and put in extra time and effort to practice your interview skills.

  1. Who You Know Can Matter

Often employers don’t even advertise their job openings and instead reach out to current employees or others in their professional network to ask for referrals. This is why it is important to build relationships and stay in contact with former managers, colleagues, and anyone else you meet professionally, such as at industry conferences or volunteering. When you are job searching, you can ask your network if anyone has any leads or could recommend you. Building a relationship with a recruiter is also a helpful option to get you into contact with hiring managers for the right opportunities.

Achieve Your Goals

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