10 Great Gift Ideas to Show Your Accountant A Little Holiday Love!

Given the demands of the holiday season, finding the perfect gift is never easy.  When making your list, don’t forget about the accountant in your life. Accountants deserve special consideration as their number crunching jobs can be taxing at times (no pun intended) and they work hard to get your finances in order.

So how can you show your accountant a little holiday love?

Here are 10 holiday gift ideas that will show the accountant in your life you care:

1. It’s All About the Experience!

For the accountant who doesn’t want more “stuff” – give them an experience! How about a gift certificate for two at their favourite restaurant so they can reconnect with a loved one? For the more adventurous, think about ski lessons, a Segway tour – or a wine or food tour in a special neighbourhood in your city. Someone who loves culture might appreciate tickets to an art gallery, rock concert or to the opera.

2. Virtual Assistants

Accountants are always planning and scheduling things so purchasing a Google Home or Amazon Echo device may be just what they need to stay on track.

3. Subscriptions to Industry Publications

As an accountant, it’s critical to stay on top of industry news and trends. Consider a subscription to leading publications such as The New York Times, The Globe and Mail or Business Week.

4. Stay on track with technology!

For the accountant on the move a Samsung, Apple watch or Fitbit might be just what they need to scan emails or texts while in a meeting.

5. Memberships

Accountants with an affinity for culture might appreciate a membership at a gallery or museum. While providing year round access to the venue, membership dollars also support museum activities so there’s a “feel good” aspect too.

6. Cooking Class

Everyone loves food so a cooking class might be just what your accountant needs for additional comfort. Many grocery stores provide cooking classes. In Ontario, the LCBO provides special classes that often include wine or spirits tastings.

7. Mini Staycation

How many of us have taken the time to explore our own city? Many hotels offer weekend packages so a mini staycation might be just what they need to chill out.

Consider a golf or ski package for the sports minded or a weekend for two to catch up with their significant other.

8. Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones help to drown out the noise during intense number crunching periods. For those who aren’t bothered by distractions, a quality pair of headphones will ensure access to their favourite tunes 24/7.

9. Cool Pen and Desk Accessories

Accountants work hard for their designation and a luxury pen like Montblanc denotes success and reflects the quality of their personal brand. Cool desk accessories would help your accountant stay organized while adding flair to their workspace.  

10. Reconnect With Their Childhood!

Remember how toys used to spark our sense of wonder and ignite our imagination? What about a slinky to help relieve stress? A Magic 8 ball to play around with when the numbers become too consuming? An office mini putt might be helpful when taking a break throughout the day. You might even consider some office or money themed games such as Clue – The Office Edition or that old classic Monopoly.