IFG provides cost-effective accounting and finance managed services to large, midsize and small business so our clients can focus on what they do best – perfecting products and services and generating revenue!

Today’s executives understand the importance and competitive advantage of Outsourced Services. IFG provides end-to-end accounting and finance outsourcing solutions that include:

  • PAYROLL & BENEFITS: Complete payroll and tax administration in the US and Canada. Flexible and comprehensive employee benefits packages.
  • RISK & COMPLIANCE: Crucial assistance with employer-related risk and compliance.
  • TALENT ACQUISITION: Gain a competitive advantage by recruiting the very best people to your company.


IFG manages both individuals and teams towards shared goals while providing our clients a proven way to contain costs, minimize risk and relieve them of the administrative burden of managing non-core human capital assets. This allows our clients to focus their attention on growing the revenue line while containing both costs and risks.

Client Benefits of Managed Services:

  • COST CONTAINMENT: Costs are known and negotiated upfront.
  • REDUCE RISK: Employment Risk and Compliance shifts to IFG from the Client.
  • MAINTAIN FOCUS ON GROWING YOUR BUSINESS: All businesses today have limited resources. An IFG Managed Service Program allows your business to stay focused on the core.
  • RELIEVES THE ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN OF HR: Payroll, Benefits, Employee Risk and Tax Compliance, and Recruiting become the responsibility of IFG.
  • CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS AND FLEXIBILITY: Ability to ramp up and down headcount quickly.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Accounting Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • Retail Associates
  • Administrative Professionals
  • Application Developers
  • Risk and Compliance Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Editorial Professionals
  • Social Media and Digital Professionals
  • Inventory Management
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Logistic Professionals


Managing payroll and benefits is a time-consuming process that can pose a significant compliance challenge. IFG manages this for you. Our payroll and benefits services optimize the process and we mitigate payroll and tax-related risk, which gives you time to do what you do best: Grow Your Business!

Payroll process includes:

  • Direct Live Support
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Billing Reports
  • W-2 and T4 preparation and delivery
  • Tax processing and payments
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Tracking and processing of paid time off
  • Time and attendance management
  • Simplified payroll submittal through our secure portal


IFG offers a wide selection of comprehensive employee benefit plans considered the best in the industry. Our breadth of coverage includes everything from comprehensive medical, life and disability insurance to retirement services, commuter benefits and Employee Assistance Programs.


The risk of compliance and legal liability lawsuits has risen significantly with the creation of new laws and employer regulation. It is challenging for companies to keep up with regulation and stay compliant.

IFG protects companies from risk. With our Managed Services Product IFG is the employer of record and is responsible for all risks. With our Payroll and Benefits Products, IFG protects companies from risk with an innovative shared employer relationship model – a Professional Employer Organization – that lets IFG assume many of the responsibilities of being an employer on behalf of its customers.

With this model, IFG is able to share aspects of employer-related risk with respect to paying workers, administering payroll and benefits, and complying with business regulations. IFG also makes available Employment Practices Liability Insurance.


Hiring talent is crucial for your business success. Whether it's the executive who offers visionary leadership, the manager who can quickly execute on business plans, or the sales professional that won't settle for less than 100%, a business needs great people to thrive. But the recruiting process is time-consuming and complex.

IFG's Talent Acquisition can quickly find top talent for your business. With three tiers of service to choose from, you can gain exactly the level of support you need. Benefit from the expertise of dedicated IFG search professionals who know your business and culture. Use leading-edge tools to optimize all aspects of the recruiting process. And get basic or advanced assistance in landing a great hire that can help you succeed.

Our three tiers include:

  • EXECUTIVE SEARCH: A dedicated team approach to filling your most high-value positions;
  • SEARCH CONSULTANT: An intelligent full-service solution for finding top candidates;
  • SEARCH ASSOCIATE: The most cost-effective way to gain professional assistance in filling open positions.

IFG’s experienced Business Partners have the insight and tools to recognize top talent. By maintaining strict quality control standards and researching our client’s needs in depth, we can save clients from costly HR missteps and free our clients from the resource-heavy task of recruiting and managing human capital towards specific targets – a task best served by an experienced and specialized approach.