The global business landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Never before has there been such demand to deliver bottom line efficiency through top line strategies. In response to that demand, IFG is answering today’s intensified business needs by providing expert project professionals, interim solutions or strategic full-time placements in the area of accounting and finance. Whether it’s a result to changes in the regulatory environment, an acquisition, a restructuring or an organizational change, our accounting and finance recruiting firm stands ready to help today’s business leaders navigate the change.

As a trusted accounting and finance staffing agency in Toronto, IFG Business Partners stand ready to provide the solution required. Whether it’s expert project professionals and an interim solution to solve a mission critical challenge in the areas of risk management, financial reporting, accounting and finance systems, budgeting, audit and compliance, acquisition support, process improvement, tax or a permanent full-time solution, IFG will work in a cooperative and cost-effective manner to assist you, our client.

Looking for Temporary Staffing Solutions?

ROI Staffing, a division of IFG, specializes in placing entry-level to intermediate professionals in accounting and finance. Discover temporary staffing solutions designed to provide a return on your human capital investment.