Salary Mid-Point: $72,500
Location: Chicago IL
Job Type: Permanent
Role: Data & Analytics Associate
Location: Chicago

A leading investment manager is looking for an Associate to join its dynamic and rapidly growing Finance team. The team of professionals provide extensive experience in investments, portfolio management, risk management, data analytics, credit analysis and industry-specific operations.

Today, the firm manages over $2B of capital across various related verticals, with 3 office locations. Due to the Firm’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach, the capital commitments have tripled in the past three years. 

Job Description:

The Data Support & Analytics Associate will work closely with the existing data analysts and data engineers organizing the firm's data lifecycle.

The Data Support & Analytics Associate will be instrumental to the data entry process. The data lifecycle consists of the input, transformation, ingestion, output, and analysis of data.

In this role, you will work very closely with your colleagues including Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and additionally with the Operations team, to focus on optimizing data. The role will quickly grow to tackle data from additional assets as the Firm acquires them.


  • Oversee and streamline all processes involved with data entry and ingestion.
  • Work closely with the Data Engineering team to seamlessly utilize the data pipelines and turn data feeds into actionable outputs.
  • Serve the team’s data requests with a “customer first” mindset while liaising with the appropriate team members to provide high quality responses.
  • Thoughtfully design processes that will efficiently allow anyone on the team to easily and autonomously access the information needed in the most appropriate format.
  • Clarify and standardize required metrics and data points needed from external datasets in the data entry process, and format datasets accordingly.
  • Conduct routine audits of all datasets to ensure that imported data is accurate and reconciles with changes that occur in data tapes as they are updated.
  • Work with teams to create processes for testing all incoming data on a continual basis to ensure information is not only accurate but timely.
  • Identify, present, and aggregate new performance metrics, owning the process from start to finish.


  • You have 1-2 years of experience working with data in spreadsheets within industries such as academia, manufacturing, healthcare, ad-tech, media, etc.
  • You are extremely detail oriented, catching discrepancies in data, but you don’t get lost in the minutiae and have an ability to see the data story holistically.
  • You have a solid understanding of data and numbers as well as spreadsheet principles and data slicing techniques.
  • You have an in-depth knowledge of Excel.
  • You are eager to learn about finance, data analytics and industrial transportation.
  • You are familiar with at least one visualization tool (PowerBi/Tableau/Plotly or similar).
  • You value approaching data with a “user first” mindset and understand the need to simplify for the user’s benefit.
  • You have excellent interpersonal (written and verbal) skills and a demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a team.
  • You have a “start-up” mindset and as a result have a willingness to take on what’s needed to support the team, even if it is outside of your core responsibilities.
  • You are tenacious and persistent, unafraid to ask questions and get to the bottom of challenges.
  • Knowledge of SQL is a plus

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