Salary Mid-Point: $100,000
Location: Chicago IL
Job Type: Permanent


  • Plan the development of audit scope, objectives and audit program; determine audit procedures to be used. Supervise staff associates.
  • Conduct audit testing-review transactions, documents, records, and methods for accuracy and effectiveness, conduct interviews and observations and complete asset verification. Identify, communicate and resolve any audit issues with management as they arise on the audit.
  • Assess operating processes and develop conclusions about their effectiveness; identify key control points of systems.
  • Develop risk assessments for critical business processes; prepare appropx`riate audit plans
  • Prepare oral presentations and/or written reports supporting results of audit examination, conclusions, and recommendations
  • Conduct post-audit follow up to determine adequacy of corrective actions taken
  • Supervise audit staff on projects and provide performance feedback


  • Level and depth of supervisory duties – Periodically supervise audit staff on particular projects
  • Budget accountability, impact on asset management, and organization revenue - None
  • Total number of employees managed (direct and indirect) 1-2 indirect
  • Level of independence, decision-making authority or strategic planning accountability – limited but some
  • Internal and external contact relationships – limited but some


  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Accounting, Engineering, Business or equivalent degree
  • 5 - 8 years of Audit experience 


  • Demonstrated knowledge of internal controls and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
  • Business Process Risk Assessment
  • Best Practices, Analysis and Improvement
  • Good organizational and analytical skills and ability to prioritize multiple activities and requirements
  • PC Skills (experience in word processing, spreadsheet applications, and flow charting)
  • Able to obtain, analyze and appraise data
  • Energy Industry Experience
  • Proficient with generally accepted accounting principles and auditing requirements

Interested and qualified candidates, please send resumes to: