Salary Mid-Point: $180,000
Location: Chicago IL
Job Type: Permanent

Finance & Treasury Director

One of Chicago's Top Workplaces is hiring a Finance and Treasury Manager.  This position manages a large short-term investment strategy that requires finding and negotiating favorable borrowing arrangements. Responsibilities require deep understanding and ability to analyze investment opportunities incorporating each securities unique characteristics to understand the impact to the portfolio and the enterprise balance sheet regarding interest rate risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, prepayment risk and extension risk to ensure the portfolio lies on the efficient frontier to optimize risk adjusted return.  

Job Description:

  • Manage the investment portfolio with the goal of optimizing the balance between liquidity and income on a total return basis while maintaining acceptable levels of risk
  • Evaluate and balance portfolio composition driven by the current and expected economic environment along with liquidity and return requirements
  • Research new investment opportunities within and outside the investment portfolio
  • Continually monitor dealer inventories for investment opportunities in approved sectors
  • Monitor regulatory and accounting issues that pertain to the institution and the investment of credit union funds, and ensure that the investment portfolio is in compliance with all regulatory guidelines
  • Monitor credit risk inherent in corporate holdings
  • Optimizes cash levels to ensure adequate liquidity while improving risk adjusted returns
  • Manage a short-term investment program that generates incremental income for the credit union without exposing it to undue credit or interest rate risk, all within a framework that is consistent with maintaining favorable financial ratios
  • Provide training and guidance to the Treasury team
  • Monitor the month end analyses performed by the Treasury team and utilizes output from those analyses in creating the monthly investment report for the board packet               
  • Provide input and support to the Asset/Liability management of the institution
  • Assist in the creation and presentation of materials
  • Collaborate with enterprise leaders to assist in multiple stages of the capital planning process
  • Collaborate with ALM team and enterprise leaders to optimize investment portfolio composition while adhering to interest rate risk and liquidity risk guidelines 


  • Master's degree in finance or closely related field
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • 10+ years portfolio management experience in fixed income management
  • Familiarity with Investment Accounting is required
  • Must have a solid understanding of asset / liability management
  • Ability to utilize and leverage Yield Book to provide performance analytics
  • Advance Excel and PowerPoint skills

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