Pay Rate: $0
Location: Toronto ON
Job Type: Contract

Position Title: Data Scientist

Location: Downtown Toronto

Position Type: Full-time


Job Description

IFG is working on behalf of our client, a fast growing and dynamic company located in downtown Toronto. The company is a well-established fundraising digital marketplace that is constantly growing. Our client is looking for a Data Scientist. This is an outstanding opportunity for the right individual looking to take their career to the next level.


The ideal candidate will have a passion for discovering patterns from data and working with internal stakeholders to understand business problems. The candidate will have experience working with distributed data processing tools and infrastructure including MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive, and Spark. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Inquisitively interview business stakeholders and understand business problems before formulating solutions.
  • Identify disparate data sources relevant to solve a given problem. Understand the business logic and nuances of the data.
  • Possess natural curiosity to explore the data. Write complex SQL and Hive queries to understand the relationships among data entities.
  • Understand pros and cons of different machine learning tools (e.g. MLlib, scikit-learn, Amazon SageMaker) and recommend which one to use for a given problem.
  • Understand behind-the-scenes steps of machine learning algorithms and do not treat them as black boxes. Know pros and cons of different machine learning practices. Select the most appropriate algorithm for a given task and explain why a particular algorithm is better than others to solve the problem.
  • Analyze steps involved in training a machine learning algorithm and break down into steps that can process terabytes of data in a distributed environment. This will involve analyzing vast amounts of data, generating features that are relevant to the problem, and running Spark jobs to pre-process the data that can be used to train the learning algorithm.
  • Apply statistical methods to analyze results from these steps. Fine-tune model parameters iteratively to improve model efficiency and accuracy.
  • Compile final outputs of the algorithms and present to stakeholders in a way that is comprehensible by nontechnical audience.
  • Create data visualizations to tell the story from data. Understand what types of visualizations are appropriate for the audience.
  • Collaborate with Product Operations team to set up environments needed for the data science team; communicate effectively on what is needed and brainstorm with them to explore the best solution for a given problem.
  • Collaborate with Product and Engineering teams in productizing proof-of-concept machine learning algorithms.


Required Skills

Ideal candidate has education background and relevant work experience demonstrates a mixture of math, statistics, and data engineering. Additional skills/experience include:

  • Able to code in Python and R
  • 2+ years experience working with machine learning algorithms in a distributed environment using large scale data processing tools
  • Able to extract data on your own and prepare a large data set to train a machine learning algorithm
  • You feel comfortable working with data that is sometimes incomplete, or messy, or both
  • Willing to work with others to get a clear understanding of the context around the data
  • Possess business accumen and curiosity to learn business operations
  • Strive to find the best way to create value


Education Requirements
Bachelor’s in Math, Statistics, or Computer Science


For consideration, please email your resume to with “Data Scientist” in the subject line.