Pay Rate: $0
Location: Chicago IL
Job Type: Contract


We are building experience teams, combining people with different skills and knowledge, to accelerate our customer experience within an ever-growing agile environment.

- This team will be working with Business, Digital, Technology team members 
- This team aims to cultivate an autonomous, open-door, independent, and collaborative environment
- This individual will be working very closely with the teams and team leaders including the Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Leads, Portfolio Leads, Senior Technology Officers, etc.   
RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):
· Serve as a team member of an Agile Transformation group that supports the organization’s efforts to implement, adopt and sustain Agile principles, processes  and practices
· Serve teams by leading and coaching team self-organization, cross-functionality and aligning to the mandate of delivering value
· Support the removal of impediments impacting multiple teams that prevent or hinder team capabilities and growth
· Advocate for the scrum teams across the organization and actively question practices and processes that are not in-line with frameworks or agile mindset & behaviors
· Stand up teams and portfolios
· Coach teams and leaders on team maturity, fluency, and consistency
· Share and coach metrics’ themes with portfolio leaders
· Create & facilitate continuous improvement forums  for the portfolio team leaders 
· Help employees and stakeholders understand and enact empirical and emergent product development, welcoming change that enhances the productivity of the team
· Train and hold workshops for the organization to grow in agile mindset and framework capabilities
• Work experience in a software development and/or product delivery environment
• Scrum practitioner (Minimum of three (3) years as a practicing Scrum Master)
• Journeyman of Lean (Minimum of two (3) years of practicing some Lean/Kanban principles and practices)
• Team coaching experience (Minimum of two (2) years as a practicing Team level Coach)
• Experience working for an organization that is undergoing a transition from waterfall to agile - should have hands on project experience, not just an understanding of the theory behind a transformation
• Can create content that drives a compelling story
• Expert knowledge of scrum framework and Agile development practices /techniques.
•  Experience with approaches for scaling Agile without using only one framework
• Professional communication skills - Interacts effectively with people at all levels of an organization
• Intermediate to Advanced MS PowerPoint and Excel skills. They should be able to build effective presentation.
• Interact in a professional manner and collaborate in a cross-functional team environment
• Effectively handle multiple priorities to meet all objectives and deadlines
• Maintain a high degree of confidentiality and exercise sound business judgement 
• College/University degree in any field
• Advanced certification in Agile techniques (preferred)
• Knowledge of Jira (preferred)
• Enthusiastic, go-getter, positive, humble, organized, courageous, patient, articulate, punctual & empathetic individual
• Strong problem-solving, organization and project management skills
• In-depth strategic planning skills
• Strong facilitation and presentation skills
• Self-aware, while still being attentive to achieving results 
• Outcomes-oriented, adept at engaging others 
• Creativity and innovative thinking
• Good presence 

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